Vorsorge Herz-Kreislauf




Brustschmerz: Diagnostik,
Prävention, "check-up" / Herz-Check
Herzrasen, Herzstolpern Katheterdiagnostik Klappen-Sprechstunde
Luftnot: Pneumologie und Kardiologie, Lungenhochdruck Vorhofflimmern, Portal, Sport Ballondilatation, Stent Klappen-Diagnostik
Schwindel: Neurologie und Kardiologie Ablation, Laserballon, neue Therapie Renale Denervation bei Bluthochdruck Katheter-Klappen
Schlaganfall, "Gefäß-Check" Rhythmus-Sprechstunde Herzinfarkt: Diagnostik und Therapie Mitra-Clip
Diagnoseklinik Event Recorder Kreislauf- u. Gefäßerkrankungen TAVI (Katheter-Herzklappe)




Herzultraschall (2D, 3D, TEE, Stress) Katheter-Ablation, Laserablation aktuelles, news, Fortbildungen Parken,
Cardio-CT (Kalk-score, Angiographie) neue Techniken, Schlaganfall-Prophylaxe, Rhythmuschirurgie Über uns  
Cardio-MRT (inkl. Stress MRT), MRT bei Herzschrittmacher Herzschrittmacher, Defibrillator, Resynchronisationstherapie (CRT) Links zu Leitlinien erweiterte Sitemap
Zweite Meinung Vorhofohrverschluss (occluder) Fachgesellschaften, Kongresse  
Luftnot, PAH, Herz und Lunge home-monitoring, Telemetrie,
Publikationen, Wissenschaft  



Cardio Check-Up - Prevention programs at Isar Heart Center

An internationally renewed team of experts for diagostics, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases developed a check-up and prevention program based on most recent interantional guidelines and recommendations. Adapted to your personal situation and needs you can chose from a large variety of programs and plans.The Heart Team provides comprehensive cardio-services and is closely connected with other teams here in the Isar Medical Center. Personalized Medicine and Care is more than a statement at the Isar Heart Center.

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Basic program for determination of the individual cardiovascular risks. 
This program applies to men and women until 45 years of age. In case of special risk factors (e.g. diabetes) or other previous diseases, the advisability of any cardio-check program adjustment should be reviewed in the context of a previous consultation. We invite you to present in domo for consultation about this examination profile, which will of course be modified in each individual case, if necessary.
This program has been optimized for men beyond the age of 40 or women beyond the age of 45. The extended examination spectrum includes early forms of the arteriosclerosis and an already very differentiated cardiac imaging, complementing the echocardiography (including stress-echocardiography) and the Duplex-sonography by a Cardio-CT or Cardio-MRT, if necessary. 
An enhanced laboratory catalogue, function tests and an individual “life-style” consultation complete this prevention-package.
The function of the heart and the genesis and progression of arteriosclerosis is influenced by a number of internal underlying diseases. Possible consequences of cardiac-circulatory problems on the whole organism as well as consequences of general diseases on the circulatory system are systematically examined in this context.
The 3D-echocardiography as well as complex, computer-navigated analyses procedures for determination of the cardiac and vascular functions form a relevant part of the additional services for this segment.
Our most substantial preventive check-up program. 
Besides the extensive examination of both the cardiac and circulatory system, a more detailed examination with respect to the individual risks can be undertaken. An important program supplement is the individual determination of the risk for strokes. Special preventive tests for women and men can be scheduled in this respect. In case of special risk factors (e.g. diabetes) or previous diseases, a pre-consultation can determine, whether this cardio-check program should be adjusted. 
Non of the above mentioned programs is non flexible. We take care, that your personal and individual needs are met. In case of relevant findings during the check-up procedure we carefully advise our customers and patients to proceed to a meaningful next step in the diagnostic cascade. We thoroughly explain the next steps based on currend guidelines and scientific concepts. Thereby we attemp to avoid unnessessary or meaningless tests or procedures. If applicable, we can extend our services to aspects of traditional chinese medicine.


Interdisciplinary check-up programs - Further information available

For several symptoms a close interdisciplinary approach is the key. Physicians of various specialisations, leading in their field, developed a new perspective based on a team approach. This allows us to be very focused in case you already have specific symptoms. All related specialists are available in the ISAR Medical Center - thereby we avoid additional appointments and save your valuable time.