Vorsorge Herz-Kreislauf




Brustschmerz: Diagnostik,
Prävention, "check-up" / Herz-Check
Herzrasen, Herzstolpern Katheterdiagnostik Klappen-Sprechstunde
Luftnot: Pneumologie und Kardiologie, Lungenhochdruck Vorhofflimmern, Portal, Sport Ballondilatation, Stent Klappen-Diagnostik
Schwindel: Neurologie und Kardiologie Ablation, Laserballon, neue Therapie Renale Denervation bei Bluthochdruck Katheter-Klappen
Schlaganfall, "Gefäß-Check" Rhythmus-Sprechstunde Herzinfarkt: Diagnostik und Therapie Mitra-Clip
Diagnoseklinik Event Recorder Kreislauf- u. Gefäßerkrankungen TAVI (Katheter-Herzklappe)




Herzultraschall (2D, 3D, TEE, Stress) Katheter-Ablation, Laserablation aktuelles, news, Fortbildungen Parken,
Cardio-CT (Kalk-score, Angiographie) neue Techniken, Schlaganfall-Prophylaxe, Rhythmuschirurgie Über uns  
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Luftnot, PAH, Herz und Lunge home-monitoring, Telemetrie,
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Computed tomography of the heart at the Isar Heart Center (Munich) 

Heart attack preventive care in the heart of Munich: imaging of the coronary vessels and a calcium score determined by a 128 layer, high-end CT.

CT-Angiographie des Herzens: Isar Herz Zentrum (München)

CT-Angiographie des Herzens

Computer tomography (CT) makes possible the acquisition of 3-D datasets of the heart and its vessels. Modern high-resolution CT systems can create depictions of the entire heart along with the coronary vessels at a significantly reduced amount of radiation exposure, whereby calcification and stenosis can be recognized at an early stage.Blood vessel measurement - especially of the aorta - and the reproduction of blood filled structures (e.g., atrium and pulmonary veins) are indispensable in today’s cardiovascular medicine. Therefore, CT angiography plays a vital role for risk assessment in preventive medical care but also for the planning of an intervention.
At IHC we utilize a high-resolution CT system (128 layers) to plan ablation treatments, heart valve implantations and interventions on the coronary arteries (e.g., bypass surgery). Due to the radiation exposure from a CT examination, however, each use must be critically considered in advance. 
Along with our other imaging systems such as echocardiography (TTE, TEE and ICE), cardio-MRI and the angiographic procedure (Catheter, IVUS), the multi-slice CT examination procedure is an important tool for cardiovascular imaging at the IHC. 
Results from cardiac CT examinations are assessed by a team of medical specialists with their radiology colleagues from the Radiologicum.
Cardio-CT-Team at Isar Heart Center

Experte für Herz CT in München: Isar Herz Zentrum

Prof. Dr.
AW Leber



+49 89 149903 6020

International Publications of Isar Heart Center

PubMed Results CT 


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